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      Under the Mud


      “It may be the best British film you’ll never see.” The Guardian

      “This is both an accomplished social project and a charming fairytale.”?The Independent

      “It’s a magical-realist social farce about a Liverpool family’s ups and downs.” Radio Times

      Under the Mud is a film as unconventional as the family it portrays.?It stars local actors and was written by a group of teenagers from Garston,?Liverpool, where the film is set.

      The Potts family are all set for a big celebration for daughter Olivia; but, like most families, all members have their own troubles to contend with. Parents Joe and Sally are confronting their crumbling relationship; teenage daughter Paula is seeking solace in her imaginary friend Georgiana; and while the grown-ups are busy, children Olivia and Karl go unsupervised and the real drama unfolds.2016

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